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Photography started out as a hobby for me. I really loved videography (and it’s what I spend most of my time at Monsoon Marketing doing) but photography has a unique challenge.

If you have smart phone built within the last 3 years, your phone has a burst mode on it. When your filming, it’s just like taking video on burst mode. Your taking thousands of photos every minute. This photo in particular, is 1/243 of a second. Some shots can be as fast as 1/20,000th or as slow as 30 seconds or more. 

Part of the fun in photography is there are different themes you can go with. If you are on instagram, you’ll see that many people specialize in taking photographs of the same type of thing, flowers, waves, cacti, sunsets, mountains, deserts, clouds, buildings, street art. Just throw a hashtag in front of any of those and you’ll find millions of amazing photos for every term. 

In Phoenix, it’s hard to do anything water related as your theme, but a few times a year we do actually get rain. A friend invited me out to shoot some puddle themed shots. I’ve never tried this particular type of photo but was very surprised when I ran it though Photoshop.  

After a couple minutes I was able to turn what looked like an ordinary collection of water in a downtown Phoenix alley into a beautiful reflective surface with contrasting office towers and blue skies. 

Using hashtag #az365, a journalist from the Arizona Republic reached out to feature me and a couple days later I had the shot featured in the printed version of the AZ Republic (as well as on their Facebook page and website!) 

So go out and challenge yourself and shoot something different. Do you normally photograph mountains? Go to a busy place and shoot some people. Is your collection full of flowers? Go shoot a landscape sunset! It might make you fall in love with photography all over again. 

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