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We have spent the last year busy on clients campaigns, websites and social media, but neglected our own website. Well, 28 days into 2016 and we’re just now hitting our goal of blogging at Monsoon Marketing!

We plan on showing you quick marketing tips, examples of missed marketing opportunities (like the one you see here) and anything related to growing your business in today’s millennial and data driven world.

Today’s post is a reminder to utilize your assets for your business.

Whether it be empty space on top of your commercial work vehicle, empty space on your restaurant table napkin dispenser, or not emailing or texting your customers even though you have been collecting email addresses for years.

If you are a restaurant and have empty table napkin dispensers where you can easily put a message in? Why not ask people to sign up for email updates with their birthday. Then 1 week before your birthday, give them a special offer. People tend to eat out in big groups on their birthday and why not invite someone who already likes your restaurant enough to sign up for your email updates!

Need photos for your business?

Turn your vision into reality. We are the experts in working through your ideas to build something creative and effective for your target audience.

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