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Recently, I took part in an Arizona statewide photo challenge on Instagram called ‘Instagram Toy Challenge”.

@instagramaz challenged their nearly 10k followers to post photos using the hashtag #instagramaz_toys to take photos of toys and make them look life size and in their real environment.

Challenge accepted. My wife and I took dozens of photos and even went out on 3 different photoshoots out in the city to take these creative photos.  A series of shots will be included in a future #PhotoFriday post that was taken on Camelback but aside from those, this shot was one of my favorite.

This photo, captioned “Must. Get. To. The. Chopper” was shot on the canal banks of the Arizona Canal around my favorite time to shoot, magic hour!

The crazy rains from the monsoon of 2014 carved out canyons into the dirt when the rainwater flowed into the canals. Drop in a $30 Amazon helicopter prop and a .99 cent only store toy soldier (and perhaps a DSLR camera so you can focus your shot) and you got this dramatic shot that looks like it could have been shot in war time, or maybe even some movie set.  The best part is it lets the viewer think for themselves and ask “what is going on in this shot?” “is that real?” “where was this shot, it doesn’t look like a place I recognize in Phoenix?”

If I can get you thinking, whether it be a fun, creative photo, or an ad for taking Tru Cab next time you need a cab, I’ve done my job.

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