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How You Should Change Your Marketing Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of aspects of our lives especially when it comes to business matters. Your current marketing efforts may not suit the current situation with the ongoing pandemic, and you will need to make changes to adjust your strategy quickly.

Should You Stay Open?

First you’ll need to assess where your business stands in a new society, where the population is restricted to their home for the most part. As the Coronavirus affects the Globe, many people have lost jobs, further decreasing their ability or desire to spend money. Does your business provide essential services or products? Does it rely on human contact or gatherings? Are you able to restructure your business to adapt? There are many factors to consider in deciding whether it is advisable to stay open or temporarily shut down during the health crisis.

For example, many people spend money on restaurants, not only for the food, but for the experience, so a lot of them are shutting down or restructuring. For example, some restaurants that are struggling to survive have had to either shut their doors, or restructure to encourage customers to pick up takeout, and some have even offered produce and other essential supplies to help offset the losses.

Changes in  Marketing Strategy

Since people- specifically your customers- are staying home, digital marketing can be the most effective way to market your brand during the COVID-19 pandemic. Websites, blogs, and social media channels are a great way to connect, considering people will likely spend more time online, it’s a great opportunity to shift most of your marketing efforts to the internet. 

Whether you are thriving due to essential demand, or deciding you are going to push through and stay open during the pandemic, you will need to utilize digital marketing to engage with your target audience. 

More Compassionate Marketing 

Whenever possible, current marketing strategies should be geared toward honesty, empathy, and compassion. Your posts and emails should not ignore the fact that our society is going through a crisis. It should instead provide an empathetic tone, showcasing a message that “we are in this together.” Show understanding, rather than pushing a sales driven tone that can turn off potential customers. 

This not only provides a positive association with your brand for current sales and engagement, but will set a foundation for future customers that are not currently ready to make a purchase or sign up.

Grow Your Business Today.

Our Commitment at Monsoon Marketing

Monsoon Marketing helps businesses grow via digital marketing solutions and strategies to reach the most profitable target audiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reliable, result-oriented digital marketing strategies that will help in gaining engagement among your intended customers.

We help companies achieve a cohesive marketing strategy, where your website consistently improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with attractive content to drive traffic. This content is not only used to improve SEO, it is also used to attract potential customers through social media.

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