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A Guide to Social Media Marketing in Today’s Most Popular Platform

Facebook is arguably the most popular social media platform out there. It’s no surprise that businesses are creating pages on Facebook hoping to enhance their brand to an online market. It’s easier said than done, however, since making a presence on Facebook takes a lot of effort, especially when starting from scratch.

Fortunately, you can do so with a simple Facebook post. How do you do it? Here are some ways to help you get started:

Asking Questions to Your Audience

Perhaps the simplest way to make a Facebook post that’s as engaging as it ought to be is to ask questions to your audience that pique their interest and that are relevant to your brand. This will allow people to sound off in the comments section and can even provide you with insight on how to cater to your target market more effectively.

Talking About Trending Topics

Know “what’s in” and post about them on your Facebook page, specifically those that are relevant to your brand and the industry that you’re in. Tools like BuzzSumo and more will help you determine which topics are trending, allowing you to learn which ones you should talk about in your Facebook posts.

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Telling Stories

If you want to get closer to your audience, you can always tell stories related to your brand. These stories may aim to inspire, such as talking about humble beginnings, or they may serve to inform your audience in a way that captivates them. Either way, telling stories will help boost engagement in your Facebook posts.


Although posting regularly is helpful to your brand and will generate interest in your business or product, you are limited to your followers, and sometimes Facebook’s algorithm will not even show your post to some of your followers, prioritizing other posts or paid advertising in their feeds.

The best way to grow your online presence on Facebook is to utilize Facebook Paid advertising. You can use Facebook Ads to bring awareness of your business or products to potential customers or clients that would have otherwise never heard of your company.

How do you get the most bang for your buck? Many times people try to run Facebook Ads themselves and find they are not getting any return (ROI) or increase in business. This is most likely due to low-quality targeting, or ads that are not pleasing to your target. A common mistake companies make is observing vanity metrics (likes, followers, etc) as success, rather than tracking leads and conversions to measure ad performance.

It’s best you work with experts that know the different tools and techniques to target audiences that are likely to convert, rather than spending so much money on followers or likes from people that would have zero interest in your brand.

Engage Your Audience With the Help of Monsoon Marketing

Today’s advancements in connectivity have definitely paved the way for social media marketing, and with a good amount of the online population on Facebook, Monsoon Marketing is here to help you increase engagement with your audience. If you want transparent social media marketing solutions rooted in integrity, then choose Monsoon Marketing.

Planning to use Facebook to grow your brand? Make sure that you get the help you need with your Facebook marketing efforts, among other social media platforms.

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