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Why You Need to Do a Content Audit

Is it possible to just leave old content where it is and then walk away? Of course. Would it be the best move to make? Maybe not. You may be able to examine whether or not the past content has been performing well. That’s where a content audit comes in.

What Is a Content Audit?

Simply put, a content audit is the process of collecting and analyzing assets on a website, whether they are content for landing pages or blogs. Depending on the quality or the performance of the content, they may be reused, rewritten, or deleted.

Why Do You Need to Perform a Content Audit?

Any business that’s doing online marketing can reap the benefits of a content audit. With assets being tracked efficiently, a proper content audit can put your business at an advantage. Whether it’s for website content or content used in social media marketing, a content audit will work wonders for your business.

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A Content Audit Will Save You Money

When doing a content audit, you might find some assets that are simply worth recycling. Instead of spending money to start from scratch, assets found during a content audit can be reused or repurposed, especially if they’ve been sitting around for a while and have garnered good conversions.

It Will Help Assets Become More Consistent

Any business will want to be more consistent with the message or the tone that they are trying to convey. By doing a content audit, you will be able to determine the assets that need to be altered or deleted to fit the current vision or state of the business. These assets may also be recycled but angled in such a way that they fit the marketing goals accordingly.

If you’ve had a website or a few social media pages for a while, then it is highly recommended that you look into your past assets to see if they are still relevant or if they can be reused for future content. Businesses that take time to do audits often reap bigger rewards, especially when their assets become more consistent as a result.

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