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How Do You Implement User-Generated Content Effectively?

Marketing on the internet isn’t as simple as writing a 300-word blog post or posting on social media a few times a day. Your whole marketing strategy should work together as a cohesive unit. As your website should generate leads, and your email and social media should drive traffic to those lead forms, you should also consider other factors in your digital strategy to ensure your brand is optimized for profit. We will discuss User Generated Content (UGC) and its impact on your digital marketing plan.

What is User-Generated Content?

Simply put, User Generated Content (UGC) is any form of content put out there by unpaid contributors such as fans and followers. They may be in the form of reviews, comments, tweets, blog posts, and everything in between. Whatever additional content that users can provide directly or indirectly, that can be considered user-generated content. If you’ve been interacting with brands online, especially on social media pages, then you’ve already contributed content yourself!

Why Is It Useful?

Imagine letting your audience do the marketing work for you. That’s essentially what user-generated content is all about. Making use of it effectively can definitely get you plenty of rewards and will help you reach your marketing goals. User-generated content feels more authentic to a broader audience, allowing you to create trust among them in a more dynamic way, even without lifting a finger—provided that you’re offering them something valuable.

Can you use user-generated content to your advantage? Here’s how you can take advantage of user-generated content efficiently.

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Boosting & Addressing Engagement in your  Social Networks

Your business’ social media can be a great tool to get customers to write reviews. Show your target audience that they can trust you by advertising an existing positive review, and ask customers to share their own experiences. Providing an incentive for reviews can also increase positive reviews. 

Just because a certain social media platform is popular and has plenty of users doesn’t mean it’s the ideal one to promote your brand. Look into your goals and your intended audience and see which platforms they are on. Younger people typically spend more time on Instagram or TikTok, whereas the older ones would most likely be on Facebook or Twitter. Before you jump into a platform, ask yourself: who am I targeting?

Paid Digital Advertising 

In today’s age one of the most valuable tools your business should be taking advantage of is digital marketing. 

“The average internet user now spends 6 hours and 43 minutes online each day. If we allow roughly 8 hours a day for sleep, that means we currently spend more than 40 percent of our waking lives using the internet.” Source: The Next Web

Although people are online, social media and search engines favor paid advertisements to appear in targeted markets. Even if a person is following your page, they are not likely to see your posts since you are only one of thousands of posts coming in from many connections.

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