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Search Engine Optimization or How to Get Google to Notice You

In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is simply how to improve your site’s ability to be seen first on Google or other search engines.

Hooks in an Ocean of Content

You’ve probably already heard that, to rank better, you need to cast your net wide and have a presence everywhere.

You have to make sure to produce engaging content in each site you dip your fingers in. But engaging content is relative to the kind of audience found in each social media platform.

So the strategic play here is to deploy the kind of hooks for the right kind of audience. But what are hooks and their role in SEO? They can take the form of titles, introductory sentences or paragraphs, or even images or graphics. The role they play can be to establish credibility for your business or humanize and make you and your company relatable to your target market or indirectly advertise to your potential customers.

With the flood of content out there on the daily, it’ll take more than DIY effort to really stand out, but getting professional help doesn’t have to break the bank.

A more in-depth look on content can be found here: How an Active Blog Can Improve SEO | Monsoon Marketing.

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Lure Out Interest

The principle of “Out of sight, out of mind” still applies whether in traditional marketing or SEO or digital marketing.

The strategy to sustain engagement with your audience is to have them sign up for newsletters or email marketing. Having constant attention from your customer base through site visits, purchases, or sharing can lead to higher rankings for your content.

What makes for a good newsletter or email campaign can be special offers, or breaking news on things related to your business. A particularly good email campaign can spike interest in your product or service. The trouble can be in producing it especially if there’s a large list of people who signed up. 

Oftentimes, business owners, small or large, leave it up to a marketing team to drum up more business, so they can focus on the core operations of their company.

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Design with the User in Mind

A fundamental part of optimizing your chances to be searched is to make sure visitors of your site have a good overall experience.

Doing so doesn’t just allow a possible boost in sales, but the longer a person stays on the site the more that Google will think that your site is what the searcher was looking for. This is a good thing as Google will rank up your content in their search results.

The Silent Partner

In many businesses, there’s a backer in the background. And in digital marketing, there’s no bigger partner than Google.

Search Engine Optimization is all about making sure that Google sees your website as the answer to searchers’ questions. There are more than 200 markers that Google tracks in evaluating who gets to be on the first page of a search.

We’ve talked about some of the most important of these factors: great content, engaging your target audience, and a user-friendly website.

The strategy now is all about analyzing those data and making them work for you.

Need help in making sense of it all?

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