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Why You Need an Active Blog for Your Website

Many businesses neglect blogging, which is one of the best ways to stay engaged with customers & clients, while reaping SEO benefits. While you may think this does not have a massive impact on your business, there are certainly advantages whenever you have an active blog for your website.

1. Updated Information for People Searching for Target Interests

Search engines index your site according to relevancy. Keeping up with the current trends in relevant search keywords and providing useful information to your target audience will keep your site ranked higher on Google and Bing.

Google’s algorithms are advancing everyday and have learned to decipher between quality content versus “SEO tricks”. Nothing works better than real articles that contain useful or interesting information.

2. Click Through Rates Will Improve

Posting articles with content that is real, interesting, and relevant will improve the readers’ experiences and will get them to stick around to read the complete article.

Headlines, titles and descriptions that address your target audiences interest, not only improves Click-Through-Rates (CTRs), the amount of people that click your article out of those that saw your search result, but also improves brand recognition and trust as an expert regarding the given topic/industry.

3. Google Will Detect Fresh Content

Content that’s published recently from websites that post new information consistently, will get a higher ranking. As mentioned in the point above, trends tend to change and relevance may be time sensitive.

The newer the content, the more your website will show in results for the trending topic, improving your ranking in the process.

4. Pages Will Keep Up With Search Engine Updates

Google in particular keeps changing and updating its algorithms to focus more on the quality of content rather than the quantity.

Updating your blog regularly, with valuable content, will build trust from Google that you are sharing useful information that people are likely to be interested in. Using Yoast SEO or other plugins to manage each of your website posts’ meta data and schema will get you ranked higher as well. 

5. An Active Blog Creates Loyalty

When you write about topics that affect your customer base, they connect with your brand.

They view you as an expert and will choose your company when they need services or products you offer. It’s important to share your posts on all social media platforms so that customers can engage with your brand.

It sounds simple, but for the most part, coming up with content on a monthly basis is very time consuming, considering the research and design that come with a blog.

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