Rack Cards

They are oddly shaped and don’t fit in pockets, but then again neither does the new iPhone 6. Rack cards are standard marketing material due to so many displays that are designed to hold these. For Tru Cab, we have them placed in the Scottsdale Convention and Visitor Bureau’s office as well as the Scottsdale Fashion Square Concierge desk and various tourist locations around the East Valley.

Business Cards

Tru Cab goes through more business cards than any business we know. Because of that, we have several different types of business cards designed up. These are cards that are distributed to hotels, medical offices, restaurants, bars and night clubs or pretty much anyone who needs to learn about Tru Cab.

Next up are business cards for the owners of the company so they can be contacted directly.

Finally, we have specially designed cards for the drivers. There are 8 different versions of the business cards for the drivers and they have the opportunity to choose between which card design they would like.

Seasonal Advertising Campaign

We know Arizona. It’s seasonal. The summers can be brutal for any business. Monsoon Marketing knows what it takes to give businesses that extra boost when you need it most to keep your staff busy and the revenue flowing.

Read the breakdown below on how Monsoon Marketing executed this campaign.

Print | We utilized print to target the current market of Old Town Scottsdale/South Scottsdale with promotions to encourage ridership in the slower summer months. We also created a 2nd postcard distributed in North Scottsdale with higher value coupons since according to client data, the average fare in North Scottsdale was higher so a larger discount was needed to raise awareness and increase new customers.

Landing Pages | A special landing page was produced (TruCab.com/summer) that was promoted on social media, print and though press releases. This captured additional customer information, pushed for likes/follows on social media and helped track the conversion rate for this campaign.

Social Media |  Tru Cab utilized Social Media to remind followers though out the summer about the ongoing promotion and to share with friends.

Public Relations | A press release was put out and local media was contacted as well. It was mentioned in the Arizona Republic, on AZCentral.com and also by 2 different Scottsdale based publications, all of which was also tracked though special landing page URL’s for each medium that mentioned the offer.

Targeted Advertising in Scottsdale, Tempe & Downtown Phoenix

Tru Cab is such a new brand that the largest challenge is raising awareness with a limited budget. Sound familiar? Monsoon Marketing achieved this through a lot of print postcards and targeted distribution.

Print was designed around iconic views in each submarket we were targeting. In 2014, those areas are: Downtown Phoenix, North Tempe/South Scottsdale and North Scottsdale.

Unique promo codes for each submarket were created so the campaign effectiveness could be tracked and each submarket could be analyzed and compared to increase effectiveness for the 2015 campaign.

iOS Android App Icon Design and Elements

No, Monsoon Marketing does not create apps (although we know a few people we can point you towards if you need one) but apps and branding go hand in hand. That is why these beautifully created icons took Tru Cab’s logo and customized it for each platform to make them unique and stand out.

We also supplied various graphics to the developers and worked with them to ensure the brand standards we create are met (and you don’t end up with a squished logo and a crappy app).

Tru Cab is available today in the app market, just search for Tru Cab.

Public Relations, Press Kits, Sales Presentation Packets & More

We have run very successful press releases that have been picked up from multiple publications around the country. We also have prepared press kits and very effective sales packets.

Even if your business does no advertising, you still must let people know about your business and Monsoon Marketing can help you there too.