Monthly Emails and Blogs Marketing

What does Monsoon Marketing offer for Monthly Emails and blogs?

Every month Monsoon Marketing provides clients with:

  • Content for blog via research (Unless provided by client)
  • Visual Content  for blog- Infographs, graphics, photos
  • Interesting Email linking to blog/website
  • Blog link posted to every social media platform

Monsoon Marketing is experienced in managing businesses’ monthly email and blog

Monsoon Marketing has an established team of blog writers, editors, and managers that serve clients from all over the World.

As a client, Monsoon Marketing will help your business in a number of ways:

  • Create attractive blog calendar
  • Research blog topics related to your business
  • Write the blogs
  • Post Blogs
  • Schedule Social Media
  • Distribute Mass Emails

Be as involved as you want to be!

Monsoon Marketing has an approval process with multiple writers, but we work with businesses as much as they want to be involved. We have clients that want to approve all of the blogs we write, and some that just approve the topics, and let us handle all the rest.

  • Set up approval process
    • approve some
    • approve all
    • approve none
    • it’s up to you!
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